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HeliCam Aerial Media Services, LLC is comprised of three individuals who are very skilled in their respective fields. Wayne and Richard Mann are both highly skilled and accomplished remote control helicopter and airplane pilots. They have both been flying remote control aircraft since 1975 and competing in competitions since 1981. They have both won numerous competitions in precision aerobatics with airplanes and helicopters. Wayne has been on every US World Championship helicopter team since 1991 with a highest finish of 2nd and five 1st place World Championship team titles. Richard is also a very skilled helicopter pilot having won his class at the US Nationals.

When it comes to piloting these aerial platforms and camera mounts our acquired skills are hard to duplicate. I only mention this because just like full scale aircraft models can be very dangerous in inexperienced hands, especially considering the tight places we sometimes have to operate in to get the desired shot. Unfortunately there are many people around the world who do this type of work who do not possess the high level of skill necessary to get the desired shots without pushing their skills to the very limit which greatly compromises safety.

Wayne and Richard are the two systems engineers who develop and test the various three axis gyro stabilized platforms for capturing HD video and high resolution photos. Richard is also our IT guy as he has over twenty years experience working with computers and software and handles the technical side of the business.

Denise Mann is our sales and Marketing Manager and PR person. She has been a very successful Realtor in our area for over twelve years. Denise has a passion for people and likes helping families get into their new home with as little stress as possible. Her motto is: "I always go the extra mile for the client." Without great customer service, you have nothing!

We look forward to serving you and providing you with the best possible video and photos.

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