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Every project is different and each new project presents its own set of challenges. Contact us so that we can discuss your special needs so that we may better fill those needs.

Some of the things that we will discuss will be, take off and landing areas, getting a Google earth image from the address provided to determine sun angles relative to the desired angles that you would like to shoot from. This will determine what time of day we need to schedule the shoot for the best results.

Inclement Weather and Safety:

Weather always plays a role in outside production projects. It either cooperates or it doesn't. Having a somewhat flexible shooting schedule helps when dealing with seasonal weather conditions. As the scheduled shoot day arrives we will monitor the weather forecast together to ensure that we choose the best day or days possible.

Regarding safety; HeliCam Aerial Media Services reserves the right to delay shooting or move to a safer location if unsafe conditions arise due to inclement weather or onsite safety issues.


The client is responsible for acquiring permission, security clearance and any permits if necessary prior to the scheduled shoot.

Contact us for a free consultation about your aerial video and photo needs so that we may provide you with a quote.

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