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Aerial Video

Here at HeliCam our specialty is capturing stunning HD video. We invite you to compare our video quality to our competition. We are very confident that you will have a very hard time finding anyone who can match our quality. We are experienced at doing chase scenes with all types of vehicles and horses. We also have alot of experience flying over water. Flying off of a boat or in tight situations is no problem. Please visit our small or large aerial video pages to view samples.

Our primary camera these days when we are not shooting with Red Epics or Dragons is the new Panasonic GH4. As many of you know this is a wonderful little camera that shoot 4K footage in a wide varitey of formats and frame rates up to 96 frames per second in variable frame rate mode for slow motion. We have several different prime lenses for this camera with some having on board iris and focus control via the camera mount operators remote control. This in flight adjustability allows us to do really creative things and makes us more efficient therefore providing you with more quality footage for a given shoot day. What is the creative advantage you ask! It gives us the ability to do focus pulls with a wide aperture when the shot requires us to be really close to talent and then be able to rack focus back to infinity as we fly away. Here is an example of this type of shot which we will feature in a new demo reel soon: There is a technician working on a piece of equipment who walks from one side of the machine to the other while we track with him (camera approximately two feet away with a third person carrying the multirotor for safety reason). Once the talent and multirotor get to the desired release location, the multirotor props will be engaged and the machine will be released by the holder, flying away to reveal the entire piece of equipment while rack focusing back to infinity. The same applies for our new ability to do a (rack iris pull). We often get request to fly from outdoors to indoors or vise versa and this is typically just not possible due to the extreme exposure shift. Now we have the ability to make this happen.

Aerial Photography

We use custom made Octocopters, UAVs, (Drones) along with the Panasonic GH4, Canon 5D Mark ii or pretty much whatever camera you choose to shoot aerial still photos for construction progress, landscapes or for whatever your needs may be.

UAV (Drone) Specs

• Our custom Octocopters have a 5.5' diameter
• Flying weight can be anywhere from 20 pounds to 34 pounds depending on camera package
• Max operating altitude is 400' above ground level per FAA
• All of our equipment is electric powered/battery operated

Camera Mount Specs

• We have several custom made three axis Alexmos based gimbals that are used for smaller cameras like the GH4
• We have one of the new DJI Ronin gimbals that we are currently flying when using larger cameras like Epics
• We also rent Movi gimbals when specifically requested

Typical Applications For our Services

• Aerial chase scenes on land or over water
• Golf course tee to green photos and videos
• Construction progress photos
• Creative aerial perspectives of music videos
• Balcony shots-180 degree panoramic photos
• Advertising
• Real estate photos including virtual tours
• Architectural
• Insurance accident scene and natural disaster
• Landscape advertising
• News and event coverage
• Resort and Winery advertising
• Marketing
• Developers

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